Lesson 1 Setting up Your Stores

Start the Zilron StoreCreator program (Refer to Starting Zilron StoreCreator)
You will be presented with the Main Zilron StoreCreator screen.
Study this screen. It is divided into three sections.

  1. Top section has the buttons for maintaining your stores, the manual and inserting the Key File. You do not need to insert the Key File if you have already copied it to the Zilron StoreCreator folder.
  2. Middle section has the buttons for our online resources. Not all resources are available.
  3. Bottom section contains the important information regarding your account information and where the orders are being sent.

Click on the ‘New Store’ button.

The program now steps you through the process of creating a store:

Step 1. Enter Store Name

Read about the information on StoreID and Store Name in the instructions box.
Type in ‘abc’ (without the quotes) as the Store ID.
Enter only alphanumeric. If you enter special characters like ' or " or *, the program may not function properly.
Type in ‘ABC Computers’ as the Store Name.
Click on ‘Next’ button.

Step 2. Company Information

This is where you enter your company information. It will be made available to your visitors.The Company Name here does not necessary have to be the same as the Store Name in the previous step.

Enter ‘ABC Computers’ as the Company Name.
Enter the remaining information about this fictional company.
These fields require data: Company Name, Street Address, Country, and Email

Note this email address needs not be the same as the email address where the orders are sent.

Click on ‘Next’ button.

Step 3. Shipping and Payment Information

The shipping and payment information you enter here is just an explanation to help your clients understand the payment and shipping options you have available to them. You will enter the ‘clickable’ options in Lesson 2.

Enter ‘Visa’ in the Payment box on the left. Press Return/Enter key.Enter ‘MasterCard’ on the next line. Press Return/Enter key.
Enter ‘Company checks – orders will not be shipped until checks are cleared.’ Press Return/Enter key.
Enter ‘Sorry, no C.O.D. accepted.’

Hit Tab key to move to the shipping information box on the right.

Enter ‘US Postal’. Press Return/Enter key.
Enter ‘ABC Courier’. Press Return/Enter key.
Enter ‘Call for special delivery’.
Click on ‘Finish’ button.

On the next page, review the information regarding the store. You can make any necessary corrections before proceeding. Leave the Payment/Shipping/Tax options now as we will return to set them up in Lesson 2.

The information in the ‘Email Order Subject’ box becomes the subject title when you receive your customers’ orders. For now, leave it as ‘New Order’.

Click on ‘Save’ button.

Since this is the first time you set up this store, the StoreCreator Wizard will now guide you through the rest of the steps. These steps are optional. You can bypass many of them by clicking on ‘No’/’Cancel’ each step of the way.

Click ‘Ok’

The program now asks if you have a store logo.
Click ‘Ok’
Click ‘Insert’ and locate ‘storecreator.gif’ on your hard drive. Select it.
Click ‘Ok’

The program now asks if you have a left menu logo.
If you have a small logo that you wish to display on the left menu, you would have selected it the same way as the above store logo.
Click ‘No’

In the next section you are asked to insert the key words for your search engine meta tags. This helps your visitors locate you on the search engines.
Type in ‘computers, hardware, software, hard disks, monitors, laptops, printers.’
Click ‘Ok’

The program now asks for the welcome message (top) for your online visitors.
You can type in any information. Note in this section and the subsequent sections, you can include any appropriate html tags. E.g. <b>, </b>
Click ‘Ok’

The next section requires you to enter the message (footer) for your visitors.
Click ‘Ok’

Finally, the program now asks you to enter the copyright information.

Click ‘Ok’

The next screen is the Store Editor screen. We will return to this screen in Lesson 3.

Click on the ‘Save’ button and then the ‘Exit’ button.